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[03 Nov 2005|08:12pm]
[ mood | excited ]

yeah school is great! at least... so far! i have so much fun in all my classes! lol kels and steph wayyy to many good times!yeah sso that's life so far! funnnn funnn funnn! well i have no clue what to say o wait here's sumthinggg I'M HAVING A SISTER! and her name might be sydney!yeaeaeaeaaeaeaeh! well yeah that's really it lol but i doo love alll of my girls and guys! especialy... ALISHA! speaking of alisha i lovvvvved halloween with her  and i waering the same thing! o and tay "trick- OOOOOOR- treat"! lol that was sooooo fun omg i love you! hahahahahahahahhahahahahaahhaha (don't ask) well that's it for now! but remember!!!

Jessie Loves You


I Love You

p.s. can't wait till x-mass


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